Security is a broad topic, and is only becoming broader as technology has infiltrated all aspects the modern workplace. My comprehensive Network Auditing service puts your current network architecture and internet access points through a security orientated battery of tests to show strengths, weaknesses and areas for improvement. An essential component of any risk management strategy or program; a network audit will assess the risks to the business network and provide valuable insight and information. Network Auditing also provides network statistics such as throughput, packet efficiency, loss ratio’s and other factors which are vital in network planning, expansion and architecture.

Managed Services
Tired of paying ridiculous hourly rates for inferior IT support?

Improve worker Efficiency, Productivity; Lower IT cost, avoid Catastrophic Failure of System while improving security of your work force by an affordable and modest investment in Managed Services. With no contracts Pay as you go monthly fee, each plan is tailored for your specific business.
HIPAA Compliance
You can have all the policies, procedures, and culture changes in the world, but if certain technical controls are not in place, there is no way to ensure HIPAA compliance. You cannot have one without the other. The bottom line is that a lot of policies and procedures cannot be implemented properly or enforced at all without relying on certain technologies. Don’t get stressed out leave the technology to the professionals at and we’ll get you compliant. © 2009